PUBLISHED: LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales

LGBT+ History Month in February 2023 was a very proud month for me and the team I lead.

We launched the LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales, which is the culmination of years of work. It’s probably one of the highlights of my professional career and my own personal journey: working with the Ministers of Wales and with the communities of Wales to produce something important for many.

My team really gave it all, and it has been great to work with so many brilliant people across departments and organisations. The Minister has acknowledged us as “the top team within the Welsh Government, whose hard work is behind me, being able to stand here and launch this plan today“.

The Welsh Cabinet Members and Ministers “welcomed the pioneering Action Plan” and congratulated my team and all those involved in its development.

Find out more here:

Presentation of the Action Plan to Cabinet:

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