LGBT+ Diary

This section of the website is a diary of work done with and for LGBTQ+ communities in the UK. It serves to keep track of contributions, but also to reflect on the past and share ideas for collaborations in future. If you have any questions or want to collaborate, please get in touch via email at:

October 2020 to Present – Fast Track City Cardiff and Vale, Wales

  • Member of the FTC&V Steering Committee.
  • Volunteer work with the communication and stakeholders management team, and mapped FTC stakeholders.
  • Projects included (e.g.) European Testing Week 2020, HIV Testing Week 2021, and HIV Data Visualisation in Wales.
  • Contributed to draft the FTC + THT manifesto for the Senedd elections in 2021. This informed the FTC recommendations for a Welsh HIV Action Plan.
  • APPG report on HIV testing. Contributed to provide comments for the APPG Testing Inquiry questions and outlined plan, especially on Areas 4, 5 and 6: Ideas For Implementation Going Forward; Engaging Under-represented Groups; The Future Online, Home and Community Testing. The HIV report was published on 21 July 2021.
  • Contributed to present evidence for the HIV APPG reports on minority ethnic groups and HIV in Britain.
  • Contributed to draft bids, applications and monitoring and evaluatinons for grants and funding, including the ViiV HIV Prevention Fund.
  • Draft and implementation of the “Wales HIV Testing Week” campaign in November 2021, including graphic, messages, press-release, interviews, videos, comms and stakeholder engagement.
  • Contributed to organise events for World AIDS Day, including an event at the Senedd Cymru with Hannah Blythyn MS and Eluned Morgan MS.
  • Deliverd a talk at Cardiff Central Library on “HIV in Cardiff and Vale – how can we stop new diagnoses by 2030?” in collaboration with Cardiff Council and Cardiff University.
  • Organised and run an information stall at the Trans Aid Cymru “big lunch” event, delivering material on Trans and Non-binary sexual health and a 5-minute talk.
  • Contrubuted to draft and review the evaluation report of the GP-facilitated HIV home testing pilot in Cardiff City & South GP Cluster.
  • Gave two interviews for The Cardiffian and InterCardiff for Wales HIV Testing Week 2021 and WAD 2021.

March 2021 to Present – Pride Cymru, Wales

  • Member of the Pride Cymru Committee
  • Member of the Marketing Team
  • Contributed to data visualisation and publication of the Lost LGBT+ Cardiff project, funded by the Heritage fund. Produced the self-guided walking tour map in Cardiff central.
  • Contributed to draft the Pride Cymru manifesto for the Senedd elections in 2021.
  • Conducted a gap analysis for funding applications.
  • Drafted monitoring and evaluatinon (KPIs) for funding application.
  • 23-29 August: Edited videos to include captions and British Sign Language for the Pride Cymru’s Virtual Pride 2021 and moderated online recorded events.
  • Produced a video report for the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) project in North Wales, in partnership with Pride Cymru and Disability Sport Wales, to increase access to inclusive sports and activities for LGBTQ+ disabled and non-disabled people.

July 2021 to Present – Queer Britain, UK.

June 2021 to Present – Trans Aid Cymru

November-December 2021 – Arbury Road Magazine on European politics

November 2021 to Present – IGR – International Gay Rugby

  • Content Author for IGR – devising and producing material for campaigns and comms

October-November 2021 – LGBTQYMRU

  • Submitted an article on “Post-Brexit Wales and LGBTQ+ issues: what is happening in Europe and why should we care?” – published in Welsh and English.
  • Drafted and submitted a press-release for FTC&V on “Wales HIV Testing Week”
  • Submitted and approved material for the cover of Issue 4

August 2021 – Glitter Cymru. Organised a fundraiser event for Glitter Cymru (£500), and delivered a talk titled: “Love, Sex, Identities: LGBTQ+ Histories”. Using objects from the National Museum Wales collection, I presented a journey to explore gender and sexuality in the ancient world.

21 August 2021 – Included in The Pinc List 2021 Wales: recognised in “The Pinc Rising Stars“. Published by Western Mail, a collaboration between Wales Online and Pride Cymru.

July 2021 – University of Cardiff, EDI committee.

  • Keynote speaker for the panel: “How to tackle sexual orientation and gender discrimination on campus and beyond”.  Delivered the keynote talk titled: “LGBTQ+ students, researchers and staff: finding and forging an inclusive space“.

January to July 2021 – Cardiff Lions, inclusive rugby team in Wales.

  • (Jan-July 2021) Member of the “Social Media” sub-committee and member of the “Socials” sub-committee
  • Contributed to organise a Diversity and Inclusion training event
  • Volunteered at the fundraiser organised by Mary’s for World AIDS Day 2021 (MarYtacular Fashion Show)

December 2020 to January 2021 – Contributed to the editing and online publication of the Kindle version of the book “No Bath But Plenty Of Bubbles: An Oral History of the Gay Liberation Front 1970-73” by Lisa Power. The Gay Liberation Front (GLF) created the conditions for a lesbian and gay movement for generations to come and then imploded into fragments that became our newspapers, helplines and activist groups. Lisa Power has gathered the accounts of people who were there, the papers they wrote and the comments of bemused bystanders. 

June 2020 – WorkPride 2020: bridging higher education, academia and job market for LGBT+ people. Presented the talk “A conversation with LGBTQ+ students and their views on the importance of joining an inclusive employer“. Keynote by Alessandro Ceccarelli. Video available here.

July 2019 to June 2020 – Member of the Cambridge LGBTQ+ Community Forum, Cambridge City Council.

April 2020 – Member of the University Diversity Fund committee, under the Equality & Diversity Section, Cambridge. The UDF aims to support initiatives that contribute to raising awareness of issues related to equality and diversity, challenge discrimination and inequalities, increase the representation of under-represented groups, and facilitate implementation of good practice.

March 2020 – Joined the Cambridge Half Marathon to raise money for the local charity The Kite Trust to support LGBT+ young people in Cambridge. Reached the £290 goal.

February 2020 – Gender-Neutral Policy, University of Cambridge. Drafted, approved and implemented a policy paper which aimed to address how we can support the use of gender-neutral language, to ensure that respectful and inclusive language is used across the Collegiate University. More specifically, the paper addressed the use of unnecessarily or over-gendered pronouns and possessive adjectives.

February 2020 – Speaker at National Student Pride 2020 onOne Network: Running an LGBT+ Society’. The talk was hosted by Dr Elly Barnes. National Student Pride is the biggest gathering of LGBTQ+ students in the UK.

January 2020 – Delivered the opening talk for LGBTQ History Month 2020 at the Cambridge City Council.

December 2019 – Consultant for the Diversity Strategy of the University of Cambridge Primary School. As part of the process for achieving the Rainbow Award, the primary school’s strategy aimed at improving inclusion and diversity in teaching and learning – with headteacher Dr James Biddulph.

December 2019 – Campaigner for the #PrEPinPrisons campaign, calling upon MPs to take actions on sexual health inequalities of LGBT+ prisoners.

October 2019 – Established the first Gender Identities and Sexual Orientations (GISO) steering committee for the senior leadership of University of Cambridge.

September 2019 to July 2020 – Member of the LGBT+ Staff Network, University of Cambridge. The LGBT+ Staff Network developed to provide support and advice to LGBT+ staff at the University and to act as a forum for consultation between staff and the University’s governing body. 

August 2019 – Awarded the University of Cambridge, Outstanding Student Contribution to Education AwardOSCEA 2019. Commended “Inclusive Practice“. Stepping up to demonstrate or advocate for particular inclusive teaching and learning practices.

August 2019 to July 2020 – Member of the Equality and Diversity Committee at the University of Cambridge, which brings together representatives from the University’s General Board and Council, Academic Schools, the Registrary, Human Resources Division and Academic Division, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and the Colleges. 

July 2019 – Co-organised the University of Cambridge group parade at London Pride 2019.

June 2019 – Co-organised the River Parade at Cambridge Pride 2019, and secured funding and sponsor by University of Cambridge. Spectators got the best view of the vibrant flotilla of punts from the river bank on Chesterton Road at the Jesus Green weir (near Carlyle Rd). Each punt carried members of local LGBT+ community, celebrating the county’s diversity, and was decorated in a colour from the pride flag.

April to June 2019 – Secured funding by two sponsors for the first ever Cambridge Pride 2019.

July 2019 – Published the article, “Being an LGBTQ+ grad student and researcher in Cambridge: a journey to become a role model“. 

03 May 2019. Helped running a Fundraiser event at Magdalene College, Masters Garden, with Alison Green. The event was in support of Nkosi’s Haven, an HIV/AIDS home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nkosi’s Haven supports HIV+ mothers, her children, and resulting orphans. Raised c.R20,000, equal to c.£1,000.

February 2019 – Co-founded the first “Queer(y)ing the past” annual conference. It is an annual series of short talks that explore the topics of sexuality and gender in the past, University of Cambridge.

January 2019 – BBC Cambridgeshire Interview on the issues of LGBT+ community in Cambridge – with Chris Mann. 

November 2018 to July 2019 – Elected LGBT+ officer at the University of Cambridge.

January 2018 – Launched the “Postgraduate LGBT+ Network” at Cambridge. It gathered societies, charities and organisations in Cambridge, including sexual health charity Dhiverse; the City Council; ARU staff network; Sing Out; Queer Women in Cambridge, Queers in Shorts; Diamonds; LGBT Mature; QTI Coalition of Colour; Encompass Network; Kite Trust; Pink Festival; CQH; Cambridge LGBT+ Staff Network; Q+ Network.

October 2018 – Delivered the talk titled, “377: Archaeology, Gender, and LGBT+ rights in India“, for the Idea Spectrum, Festival of Ideas conference series.