36358761_10161035786195355_3327207870247731200_nI studied a BA in Archaeological Sciences at University ‘Sapienza’ of Rome, Italy, with an Erasmus project at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain, followed by a MA in History of Art and Archaeology (South Asia) at SOAS, University of London. After interrupting a PhD in Archaeology and Pottery Analysis at UCL Institute of Archaeology, I am currently undertaking a PhD at University of Cambridge.

My PhD project aims to re-discover ancient ceramic technologies and traditions of the Indus Civilisation (c. 2500-1900 BCE) in North-Western India, using a holistic approach. This includes (a) the use of multi-site materials for regional studies and clarifications on ancient landscapes; (b) identification of production sites or provenance of materials; (c) an interdisciplinary cooperation between experts, e.g. archaeologists and geologists; and (d) the integration of combined archaeometric techniques, such as petrography and geochemistry, along with experimental archaeology and archaeological ethnography.

Besides my academic career, I am an accredited member of archaeological bodies, i.e. CIfA, and worked for European and English museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum (Assistant Lecturer, Learning Centre), British Museum (Consultant, South Asian Department) and National Museum of Oriental Art “Tucci”, Rome (Department of Education).